Our Anniversary

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I told you about our anniversary. What a great day it was. Well, here are some photo’s.

These are the cards we got. Janet made the bowl and napkin. She is an awesome     seamstress! We had our photo taken at the dinner. We are wearing “matching” t-shirts from the restaurant we had breakfast at that morning – The Chaos Cafe.

There is a story behind this wearing “matching” clothes. In my 40’s I would see an older generation of tourists at places like Crater Lake or the Oregon Coast and they would be wearing matching coats, shirts, sweatshirts. They reminded me of bookends. I decided in my own head that there would be no way ever that I would wear clothes that looked exactly like those my spouse wore. That was just wrong! (and truth be known this just might have to do with a “getting older” syndrome.) 🙂

So when Dale came up with this idea that morning to wear matching t-shirts to the dinner that night, he knew what was running through my head and probably knew the names I was calling him! However, I went
along with him just cuz I love him soooooo much!!!! 🙂

And if you notice, I am even smiling! (we do have to do something about Dale’s smile though. He has a beautiful smile when he opens wide and shows off those pearly whites. )

Who would have thought we would be spending an anniversary at a SKP St. Patrick’s Day dinner and with our traveling buddies, Janet and Ralph. Quite incredible day!


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