Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Today we took a short drive (25 miles) to Carlsbad. Our first stop was at the Living Desert and Zoo. A charge of $5 per person for the admittance fee was reasonable. They had a very nice facility. We enjoyed walks on neat trails through the desert foliage. Lots of prickly pear, cow tongue cactus, Pinon trees, junipers, yucca and many, many more.

I know that I was going to a zoo. Zoo’s are not something that I like. Yes, a softy at heart because I hate to see animals caged up instead of where they belong – in the wild. Especially, the one javalina. Javalina’s are social animals and need a pack. He was all alone. We saw many birds. There was a bald eagle there that recently lost a wing. It was trying to get its balance and it flapped its wing and wondering what had happened to it.

They had Mexican Wolves, a bobcat that was very close to us and sniffing around. Then it peed! They also had a huge building full of succulents. The heat was up so some plants were blooming. Very interesting.

Since we were on top of a mountain we could see Carlsbad and the Pecos River in the valley below. Dale had to shop for Chloe and he bought her a pretty yellow T-shirt with a dragonfly on it. She is one lucky granddaughter!

We drove Canal Street in Carlsbad. It seemed the town went on and on! We had lunch at the No Whiner Diner. They had a senior meal (prime rib) for $8.85 plus drink. Dale and Ralph went for the big meal for lunch. Janet had a salad and I had an avocado, tomato, and sprout sandwich. It was all good.

We shopped at the Wal-Mart. Can’t seem to miss one of those. Someone is eating way too much! We did see a car in the parking lot with Oregon plates and “Real women drink Dutch Bros.” Almost made us homesick. Aye. Not really.

For dessert, we went to the local ice cream parlor, Kalidiscoops. Yummy, peanut butter chocolate ice cream cone!

Our day ended at the ranch house playing Bingo. Dale had to scurry off to Carlsbad to attend an initiation program into the Elks club so we have places to stay. This is a running issue for us so I won’t go into it here! Janet, Ralph and I were playing Bingo. Ralph one one game and then the lights went out. The winds were blowing so strongly that sand was flying through the air and into our eyes. Got home and lite up the propane heater!

We have been having some issues with Annie. It seems a couple of the neighbors want Annie on a leash. So we have had to keep her in. She got out today and one angry man came over to say our cat was at their house. Me thinks someone needs to go to Happy Hour. So we had to tie her up in the house to keep her from escaping. Nice, huh? I could understand if there was a problem with her but there isn’t one. Oh well, some people.

Tomorrow is suppose to be cold so we will probably stay in. Good. I can knit. I am working on a new purse. So may get it done. We can hope! Have a good day.

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