It Was a Very Good Day! (and trivia about the New Mexico flag)

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We arrived at the SKP, called The Ranch. Our drive was about 60 miles and just love those short drives. We are in full hookups on Coyotes Run. When we arrived, the bell was rung to alert the whole park that someone had arrived. One person came to welcome us! How nice of Roxy.

As I walked around the park with Morgan, I could feel how good this park might be for us. It is out in the country about 16 miles from Artesia and 25 miles from Carlsbad. Which means no light pollution and we can see the stars at night. There is no traffic noise from Hwy. 285 but the train is behind the park but I have only heard one train so far. All this is positive, plus the people are really very nice. The one negative is the smell from the oil fields. It is pretty obnoxious. It doesn’t linger in the air all the time but when it does, phew. Sharing  all this with Dale brought a different reaction. He doesn’t care for the location of the park. He wants to be 5 minutes from town! I am just a country girl at heart! We were thinking about buying into this park but I don’t know now. There are only 5 people on the waiting list and 3 spaces opening up that we know of. We don’t want a lot yet. We aren’t ready to settle down. Gotta keep those wheels rolling.

St Patrick’s Day brings us to our 10th anniversary! We were married 10 years ago in Gold Hill, OR by our friend and pastor Jack. Family and friends attended and our children stood up for us. I even had the grandchildren stand with me! How awesome is that.

Since dinner was being prepared for us tonight,  we opted out to go to  breakfast with the Kings in Artesia, NM at The Chaos Cafe.
The food and service was really good and we had great fun. Got home just in time to change into shorts and go sit outside in 76 degree weather. What a day. It was so nice just sitting and reading/knitting.

At 4 pm we went to the ranch house for happy hour. My sweet hubby told every one the day before that it was our anniversary, so they sang the birthday song to us only with a Happy Anniversary!

Dinner was served up at the ranch house at 5:30pm.  Corn beef and cabbage, potato and Irish soda bread. The bread was homemade and delicious – as was the meal. Especially, since I didn’t have to cook all day. Then they did a “white elephant” gift exchange. I came home with Spic and Span cleaner and Dale unwrapped a jump rope!

One gift we received for our anniversary was from Janet and Ralph. She made a bread bowl and napkin. Our anniversary helped her get some of her fabric out of the rig! We also received some $$$ from Dale’s mom and dad! And lots of great wishes from friends on Facebook and other groups I am on.  It was a joyful day all the way around.

On another note, we noticed the symbol on the New Mexico flag. I thought this was kind of cool.

The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain. First brought to New Mexico by Spanish explorers in 1540. On New Mexico’s flag we see a red sun with rays streching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group.

This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the Zia. The Zia believed that the giver of all good gave them gifts in groups of four. These gifts are:

  1. The four directions – north, east, south and west.
  2. The four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.
  3. The day – sunrise, noon, evening and night.
  4. Life itself – childhood, youth, middle years and old age.
  5. All of these are bound by a circle of life and love, without a beginning or end.

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