What Do People Do In Roswell, NM?

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Lee Lake at Bottomless State Park
Sink hole lake

Bottomless Lakes State Park is a campground about 12 miles from Roswell. The lakes are actually sink holes filled with water from underground. What you see here is Lee Lake. Lee Lake has been developed with a beach for swimming, picnic tables, playground and BBQ’s. There we about 40 sites that were developed with either full hookups or just water and electricity.

Site 28

When we arrived, the park host informed us that spring break was upon them and they were full up in the reservation sites but she had two sites left. That was all we needed. Each site had a covered picnic table and plenty of space between campers. It was clean and the ranger was about several times during the day.

We had a very nice day the first day, but the clouds rolled in with wind, rain, and cold. This weather drove us inside and we went to Roswell to do what most people visiting this town do – tour the UFO Museum!  Dale and I felt we donated our $10 admission fee! There was mostly old newspaper articles about the event that happened in 1947. Nothing really to support their surety that an alien space ship landed near this town. In our opinion it was all pretty lame and not presented well. Even so, there was a long line waiting to get in when we left.

Found these aliens hanging around!

Our tummy’s were growling so we stopped at Amigo’s, Mexican and American Food which turned out to be fast food. The food was palatable, but the dining room was pretty dirty. After lunch we decided we needed to put some culture in this day’s activities. We went to the Roswell Museum and Art Center. It was free. A beautiful building with a an enormous display of art and artifacts from the Spanish, the Indians, the Calvary and cowboy days. They had one big room dedicated to Mr. Goddard. Check out his history here.  Very interesting. They even had an exhibit of the casing that the rocket was placed in before they shot it off.

One piece of art I connected with was a sculpture by a student at the art center. The museum had a gift shop with many hand-picked merchandise. The Katchina dolls were a big hit with Ralph.

Fly Away by a student.

The north part of Roswell is newer with a Target, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware and restaurants. We did our shopping on Monday because many stores were closed on Sunday. I am finding it so refreshing to see businesses closed to give their employees a day off and especially a day for worship. We are getting a feeling that New Mexico is a laid back state. Yet, even McDonald’s and Wal-Mart have gotten into the UFO craze with paintings of space ships and aliens on their buildings! We did have a great time in Roswell. We have moved on to The Original Ranch, a SKP park.


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