Our Time In Leasburg Comes to an End

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Yes, we have left Leasburg State Park and the Las Cruces area today. We didn’t travel all that far – about 60 miles on Hwy 70 to a little town called Tularosa. We are staying in the Tularosa Vineyard property which has signed up with Harvest Host as a stop over for RVer’s who have a membership with Harvest Host.

We met Dave and Sharon. Dave is owner of the vineyard and he seemed very pleased to have us here. We went to the wine tasting room and bought a bottle of something to show our appreciation for letting us spend a couple of days camping for free.

We stopped at the White Sands National Monument. Oh, my. What a beautiful place God created here. 275 square miles of white sand made from gypsum from a playa. We learned that most plants that are covered by the travelling sand learn to grow taller. So if a dune is 60 feet high, the plant is 62 feet long. Their roots are on the desert floor. Quite amazing!

We did the 8 mile drive, had lunch at one of the picnic tables they provide. Dale and i took our shoes and socks off and climbed the dunes. There were 3 buses of school kids and they were having a blast.

Such a beautiful spot. I will have to put up photo’s tomorrow.


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