Mesilla, New Mexico

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Saturday was a down day for us. So I went on strike and was not cooking. The hubby was going to have to take me to dinner!

So we got all dressed up and with our friends, we drove off toward Las Cruces trying to decide where we wanted to eat. Ralph had to go to the UPS store so we did that first.

We got on Hwy 25 and decided to go to Mesilla. There is quite a history behind this town and it is rich with heritage. We thought we might check out the Double Eagle Restaurant and La Posta.

Well the town is so cute. Adobe’s everywhere and a town square that has shops and restaurants around it. On one end is a huge church.

We wandered through the shops. In one shop we found out where the locals eat and don’t eat. We went to the St. Clair Bistro and made reservations for dinner. Then we trekked back to the Double Eagle to have a margarita. It was fun sitting in this fancy, old bar chatting. The bar part was full, so we were in the sitting room with the couches and side chairs and tables. Quite cozy. We had their award-winning drink and it was delicious.

At the St Clair Bistro, which was totally full, we sat down to a very delicious and inexpensive dinner. We were very delighted with the pick and guess what? Not one dish on the menu was a Mexican cuisine dish!

It was a fun evening full of good conversation and laughs. We came home totally satisfied.


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