Las Cruces, NM

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Leaving Rockhound State Park was heart-wrenching. We could have stayed a few more days to hike the mountains behind us, but it was time to move on. We knew we would miss the view and the neat little park.

We took the back roads (fondly referred to as “blue” roads) to Las Cruses. We did have to get up on I-10 about 15 miles down the road. But then our GPS (Sam) took us the back way into the Leasburg State Park instead of through town to Hwy 25. Whew, that was good! We saw many pecan orchards on Valley Dr.

As we turned right to head to the park we passed the post office where we will get mail. Hooray, it is just down the road from us.

The park was kind of full when we arrived. Dale and I went to the overflow area while Janet and Ralph scoped out one area we were told is too “tight” to get our rigs into. Well, now these people don’t know us!

The King’s found great spots for us. We came down to the area and the camp host tried to get us to back down this road to spot 14 but we would have been too far away from our friends. The space right next to them was to tight for us to turn the rig in so Dale just backed into it.

We are on the point overlooking the town of Radium Springs (don’t get excited. It has a bar where bikers go and that is it.) We also over look the Rio Grande River. The Kings have a great electrical site next to us overlooking the arroyo and the other part of the park.

The camp host told us we could not plug into their electrical box as it only had 30 amps. Then he told us again! Sheesh. We wouldn’t even think to do that. We found that there are many NO’s facing us. Ralph asked if we could go into the electrical site and he in the “no service” site and then plug into the electrical box in our site. Since we are longer than Ralph, it would have been easier for us to park in the electrical space. The answer was NO. He also asked if we both could get on the site we now have (there is room for two rigs) and the answer was NO. We both would have paid for one site and they could have rented out the other site – extra bucks! NO.

Dale, Morgan and I took a hike down our small mountain into the wash, over the road, down into a very deep irrigation ditch (dry) and then climbed up the side of this ditch (Dale pulled me up with the dog’s leash!) We then went across the road into the day use area on the river. We wanted to get a good look at the river.

Well, two park employees were working on the day use area. It was closed so they could upgrade the park. The first words out of this man’s mouth was, “What are you doing?” I told him we were hiking. He then informed us that the park is closed to EVERYBODY unless you were wearing a uniform. They did not greet us, talk to us or wave goodbye. How very rude. We left and walked down the closed road toward the Leasburg dam only to find the north end of the park. No one was around so we walked down to the river and Morgan got to swim. She was so delighted.

We did find a bridge that crossed the irrigation ditch. We were so happy to find we didn’t have to slide down the sides of the ditch and wonder how we were going to get back up to our camp. Actually, we found ourselves in another part of the park and had a nice trail back to our camp.

It was a great day and we enjoyed the hike.

Tomorrow I will share what we have been doing here. There is so much to see and do!


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