RockHound State Park

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We left Deming this morning in the sunshine and traveled no more than 20 minutes south to Rockhound State Park. The country side was dotted with houses and ranches and farms as we rode down Hwy 11. Turning on Hwy 141 and then 143 we arrived at the park and to our surprise, the park is at the base of the Little Florida Mountains and it isn’t a very big park. We boogied up the 0 to 5 campsites which do not have electric or water but do have a table with a covering on a cement pad. Very up town for us boondockers.

We are not on level ground and Dale had to go into 4 wheel drive to back the trailer up to our site. Janet and Ralph are next to us. As the day wore on, the park filled up so we were glad to get an early start and got two sites together. We are on the upmost top level so we have an awesome view of the Florida Mountains to the west and the valley floor below us. We don’t have neighbors either! Except for Janet and Ralph just down from us.

We went down to the Visitor Center to pay for our annual park pass. New Mexico has a park pass for the year for residents and non-residents. We paid $225 for one year of using the New Mexico State Parks. Dale figured it out and using the parks for 23 days one breaks even on the pass. So this is a great deal. Especially since we can camp for 21 days in each park. I wish all states had a deal like this. It might save the state from closing down their state parks.

There are many developed hiking trails on the mountain behind us. I guess this is a good place to be a “rock hound” and look for jasper, agate, thunder eggs and minerals. The Visitor Center has many examples of what has been found here. They also have two

These were thick along side the highway as we traveled into New Mexico.

desert gardens pointing out the desert plants, bushes and trees. We found out that the plant we thought was a Yucca is really a Desert Spoon. We saw what we called a Yucca forest on the side of the road coming into New Mexico.

This is the scene out my front door. If my camera was a better camera I would have taken a photo of the sunset and the night lights.


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