Safford, AZ

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Us on BLM land 8 miles out of Safford. Mt. Graham in the background. Yes, that is snow.

I twisted Dale’s arm enough for him to give in and take us to Safford, AZ. After we got here he loved it so we cancelled our plans to go to the Chirirachau’s and stay here for the week. Dick and Mary Ellen joined us and Ralph and Janet joined us a few days later.

The weather was beautiful when we arrived, but turned nasty on Monday. It rained and rained – snow in the mountains. And it got cold. Just a good day to stay indoors. Tuesday dawned with blue sky and nary a cloud. Time to go sight seeing!

There are three towns close together. The first town we go through is Solomon, then Safford and Thatcher after. All are in Graham county. We were surprised to see a huge Wal-Mart SuperCenter plus a Safeway, Bashans, and a Thriftee. They also have a Home Depot. The area looks to support farmland, mines and the towns.

We all piled into Ralph’s new Chevy to head to Stafford and sight seeing. Our first stop was to check out the Pack and Ship. We broke down and ordered a Yamaha generator. We are having it shipped here. Ralph decided to get a new propane heater, so he is shipping it here also. We are learning how to do this “no house, no mail” thing by using local businesses and the Post Office to get mail and packages.

AD 1340 to 1450

After that stop, we went to Eastern Arizona College to view the Mills Collection of pottery. It was so interesting to look at a craft that dates back to AD 1350. The designs and colors were spectacular for that time period. We also enjoyed the college. Dale just soaks all that “educational” feel and smell up! He took us off to the bookstore too! a dean at the college, Mike, told us some history of the pottery and invited us back to the college.

Tower giving many credit for a great college.

Our next stop took us to the Discovery Park, an extension of the campus. Here we saw a huge telescope, learned about our universe and others. We were first shown the pin hole telescope that we all made as kids. This is the scene coming through this contraption, upside down of course. Do you see the snow covered mountain?

They had a room that showed us many cultures and their belief’s of  how the earth came to be. Some believed that turtles or coyotes or snakes had to do with creation. My particular one was God creating the earth!!!

Our guide was very good at imparting information. But the walls had buttons that one couldn’t help but push! Here Janet and Mary Ellen try to cover up the speakers so as not to interrupt the tour guides speech.

After stuffing all that information into our heads, we were taken off to a room with a “mock” space ship. We all piled in to go into the universe. Our ride took us to the planets and what they look like. We didn’t know if we would get back or not due to many malfunctions of the spaceship. We nearly crashed. It was a fun ride and we had some good giggles. This place is a “DON”T” miss when in Safford.

We worked up a real hunger after all this education, culture and fun. We stopped at the local Golden Corral for a late lunch early dinner. Sigh. A very good day.

Sorry this isn’t such a good photo. We tired to get the photo taker to put up the flash. He didn’t hear us!


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