Getting Closer to New Mexico

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We moved on from Tucson and went a mere 47 miles to Benson. Stopped at the SKP Saguaro Park and was able to get into boondocking for the night. We met up with our friends, Ralph and Janet. They were able to get into a space with hookup and a beautiful view of the Dragoon Mountains. We made plans to rendezvous at the Chiricahua  Mountains National Monument this coming Monday to take the 7.5 mile hike through the park. Ralph is walking the perimeter of the park to get in shape for the hike!

We moved on to Safford, AZ to a boondocking area about 8 miles east of Safford. We are out here all by ourselves except for a rig about a half a mile away. So nice to be away from cities, people and any noise and distractions.

So, here we are for a few days of R & R with lots of sunshine. Loving it. I can breathe!


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