We Are in Tucson

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We arrived in Tucson, AZ last Friday. We found a great place to boondock. There is this land at the base of a mountain that is BLM 14-day camping. we are about 10 miles from Tucson yet most of our business has been a few miles from us. We do get traffic noise on both sides, but inside, things are quiet. We have been tuned in to the Olympics since they started. We record them during the day and watch them at nights – skipping commercials and events we don’t particularly like. So far, not any of those yet.

We have had a couple of great days. Valentine’s Day we decided we would go to breakfast instead of the traditional dinner. We chose The Golden Corral because it has a buffet and we knew the food would be good as well as the price. They had blueberry pancakes, fresh made omelets, meats, potatoes, Quiche, French toast, biscuits and gravy, and on and on. It was a good breakfast!

After breakfast we went to the Pima Air & Space Museum. Friends had given us a Passport Book bought at the Visitor’s Center. The book is chocked full of coupons for by one get one free for admission. Now, I can hear you ladies out there and why would I want to spend Valentine’s Day looking at old planes. Right? Hubby really wanted to go. That’s love right, compromising. It was fun and here are some shots of old planes from Presidential planes to WWII to private planes. We walked the whole grounds which they told us was 80 acres.

Replica of Wright plane. See the man lying down. That will give you a reference.
Sculpture meeting us at the gate.
Dale took my photo with the Stealth Cactus!
Morgan was allowed on the grounds and she like this plane. I am sure she is saying, "That's so big!"
All around the planes were photo's of men who served in the war as aviators. Many didn't make it back or were captured. Very humbling and thankful for those who serve the USA for our freedom.
While reading about POW's who the Germans captured, I found this cloth with art and writing on it and the words, "Cocaine Bill." See below for explanation.

I had in my family, like so many others, uncles,  grandfathers and fathers who served in WWI and WWII. My uncle, Norman, served as a medic in the Army. My other uncle, Jim, served in the Coast Guard and lost his life out in the sea around the Philipines. Well, my Uncle Norman sang us this song whenever we got together to play cards, Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue. Here are the lyrics:

Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue Strolling down the avenue two by two.

Refrain: Oh, honey won’t you have a little sniff on me, Have a sniff on me,

Lies the body of Cocaine Bill. And in a grave right by his side, Lies the body of his cocaine bride. All o’ you cokies is a-gonna be dead If you don’t stop a-sniffin that stuff in your head. Now where they went, no one can tell It might have been heaven or it might have been … SNIFF.”

Refrain: Oh, honey won’t you have a little sniff on me, Have a sniff on me.

Brought back memories and laughter. Uncle Norman, the last of the McKeehan’s on my mom’s side of the family, died a year ago in September. He is missed.

We ended the day with this beautiful sunset. Ahh...God in all His glory!

2 thoughts on “We Are in Tucson

    Ronnie said:
    February 15, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Gwen, that picture you said is a B-24 ? Well, I don’t see it in the picture… but I do see a big silver B-29 Superfortress there !
    Way cool pics ! I’m an aviation buff myself, and a pretty darn good pilot !

      Gwen said:
      February 15, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      Thanks…updated. We saw so many planes and me without pencil and paper.

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