A New Adventure

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We are at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We arrived on Monday. From the first moment we entered the monument we were enthralled by the beauty. We have taken hikes and a tour and I will get to that another day.

Janet, Ralph and Dale on the Sea of Cortez

We also have friends who work here and another couple from our Escapee Chapter #37 are here.

The park is well kept, cement pads and natural foliage around every site. They do allow generators but only 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. That sure helps those of us that don’t use them.

Each day brings something new here but I want to tell you what we did today.

We talked to our friends, Janet and Ralph, to see if they would go to Mexico with us. They said sure. Well, now Dale had to go. He hasn’t wanted to go there for various reasons we all can understand. When we found out that PuertoPenasco was a place that Arizonians are building and trying to turn it into another Cancun, Dale felt a little better about driving down. The city is on the Sea of Cortez so that was another incentive.

We had to get Mexican Insurance on the truck, so Dale went online and signed up with a company. He got full coverage ~ just in-case! So we made plans and left about 8:30 am this morning.

First step was crossing the border into Mexico. We were greeted by a woman

It was very foggy today as we crossed the Mexican border.

official who asked us where we were from and how much money or travelers checks we had on us. We all laughed because together we had $140. After going over horrendously huge bumps, we passed through Sonoyta. Oh my. We saw poverty and lots of trash. We passed some men working on the road and one guy was using a hammer and a chisel to break through the pavement.

We can all figure this one out one way or another!

As we traveled on Mexico 8, we had to adjust our speed readout to kilometers. Dale totally obeyed the speed limit. Others were passing us, or passing in each lane (gulp) and passing on double yellow lines. We decided most of the highway signs were just suggestions to passing motorists. We got some good giggles going over trying to decipher the road signs. All of us have a smattering of Spanish.

It took over an hour and 62 miles to get to PuertoPenasco. Again, Dale obeyed all signs and signals because of “unthinkable damage” to our truck. He had 3 back seat drivers helping him.

We ended up in the old port, which is where we needed to go. And our first glimpse of the sea was incredible. Bright blue water and white sandy beaches. Many seagulls and pelicans flying around the boats as they fished.

We had lunch at the Marlin Azul (The Blue Marlin) just off the main street of the port. Lunch was good. Three of us had fish tacos and Dale had enchiladas. Vendors lined the street with their hawkers and their goods. I really liked one guys line, “I have everything you don’t need!” I ended up buying a two water pot shaped pots for my indoor plants. I also bought a brightly colored yellow, red, blue and green all purpose bag.

We purchased some shrimp (medium) size and some asparagus at the fish market. There were about 5 or 6 stalls lining the street selling fish. Now, we had to find our way out of the port which was a bit tricky. Ralph took over navigation because he had the map and Dale tried to follow his directions. You see, one way streets got in our way. At one point we found

I couldn't read the plaque on the front but I call him Shrimp Man.

ourselves doing the wrong way. Only a car coming at us alerted us of our mistake.

We did find out way to the other side of the sea and Sandy Beach where all the resorts have been built. We wanted to see the RV’s that were parked over there that we saw from the old port side. We did find a place for dry camping for $10 a night right on the sea. Only a few RV’s were there. Then we went up the street further to an RV park. The RV’s were parked on the water side for $27 a night and full hookups. The inside spaces were $24 a night. We didn’t not like this park because it was awning to awning.

This metal sculpture sits on the square in old port. What do you think it represents? That's Dale beside it.

After leaving Sandy Beach we went back to the city to try to find the Ace Hardware Store. Once we found the sign and went 8 blocks instead of 6 like the sign says, we parked in front of the store. Looking up, we were looking at a solider in full camouflage, rifle and covered face. Janet decided to stay in the vehicle. When we entered the store we encounter 2 other soldiers in the same garb. Another was at the counter buying something. I guess they all exited the store, got in an open pick-up truck and took off. Ralph found what he was looking for and Dale was looking for a generator. Yes, he may cave yet. We didn’t find one though. Then we headed home.

Getting through the border wasn’t difficult either. We had a very good time.

Pedro was very helpful, gave us a good price on a pound of shrimp and even cleaned them!

I enjoyed every moment as did Ralph and Janet. Dale was happy when he crossed the border and set himself back on USA soil. He said he could now breathe. Just between you and me,  he had a great time too. Now for some photo’s.

On the Sea of Cortez in old port.

Resorts on the water

We saw a lot of these thatched roofs.
US Border Crossing
Shops, shops, shops

4 thoughts on “A New Adventure

    Ellie Willaman said:
    February 12, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    What an interesting time you must be having Gwen. You sure are seeing the country. Enjoy yourselves!!


      Gwen said:
      February 15, 2010 at 10:09 pm

      Thanks, Ellie. We are!!!! As you do know.

    Randy Warner said:
    February 28, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Very nice blog. I like the way you have it set up. You really have a lot of information and some great pictures.

    (I met Dale this morning in the laundry, but did not get a chance to meet you.)

    Randy & Pam

      Gwen said:
      March 1, 2010 at 5:12 am

      Hi..thanks and sorry to have missed you. I checked your blog and see that you started your full time experience a month before we set our wheels in motion after retiring! Awesome. Isn’t this the life!!! Safe travels.

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