Ajo, Arizona

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We have moved on to Ajo, Az. We have never been here so this is new country to us. We followed Dick and Doris to Ajo. They knew where they were going except for a blurp in the GPS that took us on a jag off I8 but we soon recovered and got back on 10 for another 20 miles. This did bring up a conversation about GPS’s and their reliability.

We got of I8 at Gila Bend to Hwy 85 and Ajo. We are staying at the Golf Course/Airport just north of Ajo. We are here for the 32nd Annual Fiddlers Championship. There is a huge parking lot where they are parking RV’s for $3 a

We are the trailer making the bottom of the U!

night. Just park anywhere!

Thank goodness we are with friends or this would be just way too much up close and personal!

Today, Dale and I toured the area. We took the scenic route around Ajo first which took us out by the New Cornelia mine. They mined for copper in the 1800’s. We also saw our first Organ Pipe cactus.

The main part of town seems to be centered around the town square. Today, the fiddlers put on a show on the grace and it was well attended.

I was even able to check out the pharmacy that stocked herbs! Dale had to go to the local DQ and get a blizzard. He claimed it was his lunch. We went to a yard sale that was selling a lawn mower. We didn’t ask. (no lawns here) Also found an estate sale but too expensive for us. I did find some buttons for projects.

We ended our evening at the local Chinese restaurant – Bamboo Restaurant. There were ten of us and we ordered the family meal and we had a variety of dishes to choose from. We cleaned up each and every plate. Our food was excellent.

Here are a few photos.

Ajo Cemetary
Catholic Church
Dale in front of Curley School

There was a wonderful quilt show going on at the school. We didn’t attend but it seemed like a big hit.

Cross on top of mountain.
Pass into Ajo, AZ

One thought on “Ajo, Arizona

    Ellie Willaman said:
    February 6, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    What interesting things you folks must run into. That old prison was one. Is it used for anything at all now?

    Are there any snakes along the way in your trips?

    Enjoy yourselves. I think it’s wonderful you folks can do this. You just take your home with you.

    Do you actually have any home to come home to this way? Maybe your families homes.

    God bless you and have fun!!!


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