Picacho State Recreation Area

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Picacho Peak

We took advantage of the good weather and broadened our horizons on things to do in this area. Every time we go to Yuma we see a sign to Picacho State Recreation Area to the right as we turn left. We packed up a lunch and water and headed down the road to see what we could see.

The road was a dirt road (sand) for about 19 miles but what we found was the damage the rains did to the road. It seemed we were driving on one big wash! At one point the road was deep, deep sand. We were in 4-wheel drive most of the way. However, the drive was worth what we found. Picacho has a campground for about 50 rigs/tents. There were 5th wheels and a motor home there. One road was open to the docks. The Colorado River runs right by the area and is a great spot for boating and fishing. Morgan took a swim.

The Ocotillio dotted the hillsides and it was in bloom. The flower of the Ocotillio is red.

Evidently, the Picacho Mine is in the area and the park had a cemetery of the miners that died there. We had lunch by the river and headed back to  the road that takes off to the Names Hills for the annual memorial by the folks out here at Imperial Dam.

There were about 20 vehicles convoying out into the desert to honor those folks that had passed on. In this area, people have taken rocks to spell out their names on the desert floor. Some get very creative and make borders and pictures with rocks. Most of the names displayed are CB handles. Friends gathered together and read off those names that have passed on. After that they toasted their fallen comrades. Here is a short video of the event.

A huge fire was built not far away and we all drove back to the fire to burn some dogs! Dale and I didn’t have any hot dogs to burn, so we visited with friends and then headed on home. It had been a long day.


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