Between Moving, Family and Storms

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I have been away from the blog for a week or more. We left Quartzsite a week ago Friday to travel to Lake Havasu, AZ to meet my daughter and grandkids. They live over by Barstow and was willing to meet us in Havasu for a fun weekend together. We had a great time playing shuffle board and swimming and I got my daughter and Nana fix. Lake Havasu is a fun place to be.

I forgot to mention the London Bridge. Of course, we had to go get our photo on the bridge. You can see it here. We were looking into the sun in this photo. I know I had my eyes closed!

Our friends got us into their RV park for $10 a night, so we had full hookups. After 2.5 months boondocking it was so nice to not worry about the usage of water and power. While there, the rains came, on Monday I believe, so we stayed a few days longer than we had first decided. It was nice to hunker down and just veg on Monday after a hectic weekend.

We took off for Imperial Dam near Yuma on Wednesday morning. They skies were clear! We stopped in Quartzsite to meet our friends. I had a special delivery to make for her – a hot water bottle! She is going to Truckee to camp host in April. Burrr……Both of us were busy knitting How Water Bottle Cozy’s!

We arrived at Imperial Dam and filled our water tank and headed out to our spot where we spent a month her a few weeks ago. Our spot was taken, but we were able to camp near by on the edge of the cliff overlooking the wash and the mountains to the south. That was Wednesday. Wednesday night the rain started and Thursday it was pouring – all day. About 4 pm we found out we were under tornado watch warnings and wondering where we would go if one came our way. Over the CB’s the guys were kidding that we could go into our basements!

Dale braved the elements and made a video. Here it is. An hour and a half later, the skies lightened up and the storm was over. It was so quiet after a day of pounding rain and howling wind. Watch Dale’s credits to see the wind speed and rain fall. It will blow your mind. But keep in mind that we were in winds up to 75 mph on the Oregon Coast and we survived!


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