Crystal Hill

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KOFA Range

Today we went on an adventure! We decided we wanted to go see Crystal Hill and see if we could find some crystals. We knew the chances of this were slim as you can’t use tools to dig or pick for the crystals and the website said that most of the crystal had been taken out already. But this didn’t deter us!

Crystal Hill is between MM 95 and 96 on Hwy 95 – just about 6 miles south of Quartzsite. Once at the turn off, you leave pavement behind. The road was a wide road but rough. No ruts though. We saw miles and miles of desert and Saguaro’s.

When we were close to the mountain, we found designated camping by the wash (French Creek) that looked very inviting. Being ones who love this kind of camping, we wouldn’t dare bring our rig down the road though. This is when we wished we had a smaller rig or camper.

The trail you see here is the one we climbed. The rock was beautiful. There were greens and purples and browns in many shades of color. We found a lot of Quartz also. We also decided we needed to be off the main trail if we wanted to find any crystals because this is usually where

people go! I think Dale did this as we parted company at the top of the hill. He went higher, I went lower! We found many deep holes which people had made getting the crystals out of the rock. This is where I took some time looking and came up with a few very small crystals. Morgan was pretty hot, so we climbed back down the mountain to the truck to get her a drink.

I had made us a lunch, so when Dale came down we found some shade, grabbed the dog blanket and enjoyed chicken sandwiches. We also fed Morgan ice cubes to help cool her off.

We left Crystal Hill looking for Twelvemile Well. We didn’t find Twelvemile but we did find this well. The KOFA Range is so beautiful and rugged. At the well, where the water surfaces, we found a wonderful drinking place for animals. It was fenced in but we were able to get close enough to take some photo’s of the birds getting a drink. We did find some crystals….only one had some faucets to it.

We drove on out the road, going east, for a spell. Beautiful, wild country.


One thought on “Crystal Hill

    Carole said:
    January 14, 2010 at 10:33 am

    I love the description of your journey to look for crystals. Almost makes me feel like I climbed that mountain!

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