SKP Chapter 37 Rally

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It is Sunday, the 10th of January. Can you believe it? 10 days of January are already gone. Sigh.

We are on our final day of the rally. When we pulled into the BLM space reserved for us, we saw rigs we didn’t know so thought we were in the wrong place. Oh, how wrong we were. We had 33 rigs the first day of the rally! That is quite amazing for this little club of ours. A few rigs have pulled out for this or that reason, but on the whole we still have a big group here.

I was elected Sheriff for the rally. The Sheriff keeps the law which means the offender pays a quarter! Or any amount over that if they please. 🙂 All the money goes to CARE and I can say that we collected over a hundred dollars in two and a half days! People are so good about being “fined.” And the money goes to a great cause. This money also helps Chapter 37 get another “donation” badge to put on our banner. Now you may be thinking “big deal” but it really is a big deal for our chapter. There are chapters in Escapee’s with many more members than we have that haven’t collect much for CARE.

So I do have some photo’s and video’s for you to view of our rally. We have been eating, of course, playing games, and there is a fire every night. Sure do need that in the desert after the sun goes down. It get darn cold.

So, sit back and enjoy and we wish you were here!!! (chuckle, chuckle)

Ps. Check out Dale’s site. He has other stuff and descriptions.

Unwrapping the candy: we lost!

Orange Golf: we lost!

The photo shows passing the orange: We won!

I didn’t get a video because I was laughing so hard. Literally (almost) FDL (falling down laughing). Dale happened to have a partner who was taller than he was and just using your chin and shoulder to pass an orange, well, he didn’t fare to well. Now me on the other hand got it right away from Dale and the guy behind me (Al) grabbed that orange lickety-split!

Good thing these two are a couple! I think we all need to practice this one before coming to the rally!!!

Have a blessed day! “This is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps. 118:24


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