“On The Road Again Being an SKP”

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Yep, we are on the road again. Today we join Dick and Doris in a mini-caravan heading towards Quartzite, AZ. It is time for our annual SKP Rally in the desert. We belong to SKP Chapter 37. This is the Southern Oregon Escapee chapter.  A little about the club:

The Escapees RV Club was founded on July 4, 1978, by Joe and Kay Peterson. There was no grand idea of what the club would become; it was started through Kay’s column in Woodall’s Trailer Travel magazine. She asked the question that, if a club were started to help people enjoy full-time RVing, would anyone be interested in joining? She received a couple of dozen responses and began to think big. One day there might be one or two hundred people in the club! Today there are over 35,000 member-families, representing approximately 65,000 adult RV enthusiasts.

Every person and /or couple that joins the club gets a SKP number. We became life long members of the club because of the benefits they offer and because of the social connections. SKP’S have special interest groups  they call BOF’s or Birds of a Feather. SKP’s also have Escapades once a year where all SKP’s get together in one place. This is a great way to learn all about RVing at any stage.

One benefit Dale and I enjoy is the SKP RV Parks in the United States. SKP parks have a program to purchase a lease to a lot in the park to live on. We are on three lists – Benson, AZ, Yuma, AZ and Sutherlin, OR. We are thinking that in 10 years we might want to settle down in a place for the winter months and a place for the summer months and this would meet our needs in every way. Each park is a community. They meet every need of the RVer from propane to daily events to laundry. I know for sure that Yuma KOFA park has a swimming pool and hot tub!

Another service SKP provides is called CARE. CARE is Continuing Assistance for Recuperating Escapees and is located in Livingston, TX. Here one can go to get help with everyday living when they are ill or recuperating from an illness. Volunteers will come in and assist you in any way they can. The also serve meals there.

There is so much to this club and I haven’t done it justice in the few short paragraphs I have here. Check it out for yourself. Link to information And to the website.


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