Imperial Dam

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Here is a great photo to show you Imperial Dam and the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area).

This place is along the Colorado River between California and Yuma, Arizona. We have been here for about 19 days. There is a long list of pluses for being here.

  • $180/for 7 months
  • $40/2 weeks
  • Water, sewer dump and garbage disposal for our use
  • A community of RV fulltimers
  • Activities most every day
  • A Liberry (Library) of books – swap books out or just borrow and return
  • Hiking galore
  • Mountain biking
  • Water if one wants to swim (burr, right now)
  • Close to the Yuma Proving Ground Base that has free movies, bowling, laundry, gas and church
  • The Christian Center has many activities and is a drop for mail
  • CB connection to those with CB’s
  • Shopping in Yuma – 20 miles away and all that comes with a big town

We have enjoyed watching the many crops grow and try to figure out what they all are. We can also watch the lettuce pickers and how that process is done. We have a beautiful view of Dome Rock and the other mountains around us. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful.

Last night with the full moon, the coyotes were out howling. Don’t know what it is but that sound always puts the hair up on my neck and fascinates me at the same time. Morgan just wants to bark at them. We see the wild burros from time to time.

This is just a good place to be right now. We will be moving on January 7th to Quartzite and our Escapee Chapter 37 rally. Looking forward to seeing everyone once again.

Happy New Year – I pray 2010 will be a year filled with God’s joy, peace and mercy.


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