Desert Bar Part Two

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I totally spaced that I was going to show you the main attraction at the Desert Bar we visited outside of Parker, AZ. I do have photo’s and lots of giggles.

Several of our friends who had told us about the bar in the desert also told us to check out the women’s bathroom. With that in mind, we arrived at the bar, looked around, ood and awed over this and that and headed up the hill to check out the bathroom. Well, I will let you see for yourself. Okay, this is the outside of the bathroom. As you can see it is built on the edge of the mountain and butted up against the mountain. You can also see that the inside of the bathroom is viewable from the outside. Yep, no windows or curtains. And it looks as if it was made out of tin. Well, almost.

The big rusted part of the building is the entrance to the bathroom. Probably the only spot in the bathroom that is private beside being in the stall itself. There is no door on the entrance to the bathroom.

If you look closely, you will see the side of the mountain behind the toilets. There isn’t a wall between, just good old earth. The doors to the stalls are huge and total rusted steel. The hinges look as if they are 150 years old. The doors are heavy but latch firmly. Yes, the toilet does work when flushed.

Another view of the doors to the stalls. The floor is concrete and the place was pretty clean. A nice feature to this bathroom was the sinks, faucets and just the pure giggleness to being in this bathroom!

I guess I could say that this really was the main attraction and worth a look-see. Hope you enjoyed a visit to the Desert Bar.


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