Christmas Day in the Desert

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Not sure why Dale shot this photo of our backs! Maybe because of the position of the sun. We are all on this side of the rig to keep out of the wind!

Imagine miles and miles of desert, scrub brush, washes that wander wherever the water carved them out, pink, green, brown and white rocks everywhere. Imagine all kinds of RV’s: fifth wheels, Class A, B, C motorhomes, campers and tents sprinkled on every ridge of the washes. Are you getting the picture of what Imperial LTVA Dam is?

This has been our first Christmas at Imperial Dam in California (just across from the Arizona state line in Yuma). It has been a treat that is for sure. This community has brought with it the feel of their own neighborhood when growing up when it comes to Christmas. And since we are so far from family, yet not friends, we gathered at the Montague’s coach Christmas day for brunch with old and new friends. We had a ‘potluck’ brunch and we didn’t lack anything in the way of good wholesome food with many desserts on the side. We had some great catching up time with people we hadn’t seen since September and met new folks staying here. And lots of laughter.

Doris wrapped up some dollar store gifts and we did the gift game. Silly gifts like food bags, bars of soap, toothpaste, well you get the picture! I came away with a new address book and Dale ended up with the Irish Spring soap. It was fun.

After, Dale and I headed into Yuma to catch a movie. We had a list of what we wanted to check out. Avatar was at the top of the list but we arrived to late to get a good seat . We will save that one until next time. We bought our ‘senior’ tickets ($5) for Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed the next couple of hours back in good ol’ England and at 221 Baker Street. I thought it was a good movie but Dale was disappointed. He wanted to see more of what was going on in the town during that era.

We had a very enjoyable Christmas day. We hope you did too!


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