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I was in my first sandstorm yesterday. Kathy and I were out for a girls shopping day. As we were headed into J.C. Penny’s we looked at the sky and it was an eerie brown color. Kathy was telling me that in Missouri that you run for cover when you see a sky like that.

Winds were predicted and when they hit sand was everywhere.   Serious car

accidents caused some deaths. The winds hit gusts of 50 mph at times. One such wind knocked the tripod to our Internet down and broke a leg. So we are out at the Yuma Proving Ground (military base) enjoy their free wi-fi.

Monday night we came here for $1 hot dog night and a free movie. They offer

free movies during the week. A group of us came and it was a fun evening.

Out at Imperial Dam wild burros live here. They can be very friendly. We caught about seven of them running through the wash below our RV. Our first year here at Imperial Dam three burrossurrounded our vehicle, sticking their heads in our windows. They are cute but we are cautioned not to feed them.

A very interesting place!


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