Tis the Season – HO HO HO

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This is a busy weekend for all us RVers. There are many Christmas activities for us to attend. Tonight is the Christmas Cantata, tomorrow church and then a Parade of Lights in the evening preceded by a get together and snacks.

Last night we double dated with our friends, Kathy and Terry. We joined other people from the community at the Foothills Eatery and Spirits restaurant for dinner before heading off into Yuma to see the Christmas lights. We were surprised by a great tasting dinner. All four of us couldn’t pass up the All-you-can eat Fish dinner. We were served clam chowder, a fresh salad with dressing of choice, three large pieces of Cod fish, potato of choice (real mashed potatoes for me and bakers for everyone else), cole slaw, and a fresh, very yeast smelling, dinner roll. After we stuffed ourselves on this very delicious dinner, we were coaxed into fresh-out-of-the oven bread pudding. Not being a bread pudding fan, I asked for some and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. Of course, it didn’t have raisins so that made it all the better. Want another surprise? Only $8.95 per person.

After dinner Kathy and I had to take a walk. I am embarrassed to say “I ate too much.” A walk seemed the best to help relived that ‘full feeling.’ When we returned to the parking lot the cars and trucks were lining up to follow our leader, Jaws on a tour of Yuma and the Christmas lights.

A little about this community. Everyone keeps in contact by CB radio. This Christmas Light tour wasn’t any different. All the CB’s were turned on to help us stay together and to comment on what we were seeing. Dale’s handle is “Dusty Blue” (that’s our truck) and my handle is Dusterbin (after my 1st grandson Dustin).

Jaws took us out to the foothills of Yuma to 55th Ave. These people on this street went above and beyond the Martha Stewart decorating. They met us at the entrance to hand out popcorn and candy and wish us a Merry Christmas. Our eyes had a hard time taking it all in especially in a moving car. It would have been fun to stop and walk the street to see it all. Most of my photo’s came out blurry from not having the camera on a tripod and in a moving car. But I think you can see how wonderful a job these people decorated their yards.

There were 14 vehicles in our little convoy. After 55th Ave., we wander over to Candy Cane Lane. It was nice too but not as detailed as 55th Ave. If you were wondering about Christmas in Yuma – with sunshine and no snow and pine trees, take a look. We even saw Santa’s sleigh pulled by flamingos!

We had a great time with the group and have found out that these people know how to have fun. Who said life stops at …………. NO way!


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