Well, Hello! A Library in the Desert

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We have moved out of Bouse and on down the road, south, to Yuma. We are actually about 15 miles from Yuma. We are camped on a ridge in the Imperial Dam LTVA (long-term visitor area). This is BLM land and they have a fee area that the snowbirds use. It is $180 for 7 months of camping or $40/2 weeks. In the winter it becomes a small community. We are down here to go to Mexico to take care of some personal business – cheap!

The community of snowbirds provide a library (they call it the Liberry) and it is down in SkunkHollow. The building is a small Air Stream trailer and it is filled with books. They even stocked the Liberry with new books this season. It is always a treat for me when I can be around lots of books!

Since this is a community of RVer’s, they keep in contact with each other by CB. Every evening they have roll call and everyone checks in. One reason for doing this is to make sure the CB’s are transmitting in case of an emergency. The other reason is to make announcements. You see, they have something going every day. Movie night, bowling, cards, 4 wheeling, potlucks and so forth. We are having way too much fun to relax! This weekend, because of Christmas coming, is filled with the light parade, Christmas music, and going to town for dinner and car viewing all the Christmas lights. I guess Yuma does it up over the top!

Dale and I are off to Mexico again so he can get his crown and me my glasses. We hope to find some Christmas presents for the family. Oh yes, shopping – again. Then we are off to the Arizona Market. Best ‘mall’ in town! I might be able to twist Dale’s arm to go to the Peanut Patch for peanut butter ice cream. The best I have ever tasted. I will have sweet dreams tonight.


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