Posting vs Fun…Hummmmm

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Sorry, for not blogging much lately. We are having too much fun!

Since writing last, we have moved 80 miles to the south. We are currently camped at Imperial Dam LVT. Wow! There are so many RV’s here. For about $180, you can camp here for seven months. We are here for two weeks and that was $40.

Well, Chloe Grace is about 5 weeks old now. She has a nice “hat” collection! She is also getting pretty hungry and mom can’t keep up with her. 

Today, Dale and I went to Algodones, Mx to see how their dentists are. We chose Dr. Lastra who was recommended to us. We arrived and got right in! Dale went first because he had a broken tooth. We both got our teeth cleaned and that was a cost of $70 for both of us. We then went to the Algodones Optical. I needed an exam and new glasses. I got right in and the doc was so very nice. He told me all that the docs in the US tell me. We looked at lenses and I ordered a pair of sunglasses along with my regular glasses. A nice experience.

The streets of Algodones are full of merchandise and hawkers. It became so overwhelming to me because you couldn’t go five steps without someone wanting you to either find a dentist or look at their wares.

After crossing the border, we went to the new casino, the Q, for lunch. Monday and Tuesdays is buy one get one free (with their club card) buffet. We were told that the food was excellent. We had to stand in line for about 15 minutes as they were busy. Lunch was delicious and we both ate on $9. Can’t beat that. We even put a couple of bucks in a machine and promptly lost it. We are not gamblers.

After lunch we headed into Yuma to buy diesel at the “cheap” place. We found some for $2.64.9 a gallon. Then to the bank to getmoney to pay for our day in Mexico today. Then to Wal-Mart Super Center to buy groceries. We spent the whole day out and it was a busy day. But so much fun!

Maybe tomorrow we will go to the Farmers Market in old town Yuma tomorrow. Yummy organic veggies!

Hope your day was happy!


One thought on “Posting vs Fun…Hummmmm

    Lynn said:
    December 15, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    Love that hat and Chloe is just a little doll. How the time does fly, 5 weeks old, she sure does look alot older lol. Sounds like you guys are really doing it up right. Carry on girlfriend and enjoy.

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