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If you are a senior citizen and have a Senior Access Pass card, or Disability Pass, or Golden Age Pass, there are some changes in the works that you need to be aware of. The Forest Service it seems is trying to change the laws that govern these passes.

Escapees RV Club has notified its members that the Forest Service is proposing to reduced the Senior Access Pass, Disability Pass and Golden Age Pass discount to 10% for all concession run campgrounds. Right now, these passes provide 50% off camping and for the Disability Pass, it is free camping. Even though the Forest Service manages these lands, they hire concessionaire’s to run their campgrounds. It is my belief that this is where the problem is coming from. I might be wrong, but concessionaire’s are charging about $15 and up for a camp space that really is nothing more than dry camping. So, they are missing the bucks on those who use these passes.

When we stayed in Swan Lake, MT this year, we heard over and over from the host there about being “seniors paying 1/2 the price of the campground fee. We felt like we were being singled out. I also know that the concessionaire that had this park and many in the area pays his people very little and expects them to work 10 hour days, six days a week.

My friend and I are going to get a petition and canvas the Quartzite area to get people aware of what is going on in our government. We were at the laundry today and shared this news with the older generation who are Rvers. One person said “Damn those concessionaires!” Another told us when we asked her to contact her Representative that it wouldn’t do any good. They will do what they want. So my friend and I want to get everyone involved and if a signature is all they need to do then we are going to provide that need. We want seniors to speak up for our generation. We are getting hammered by the government as it is. I hope you too want to get involved in this fight.

If you remember from Dale’s blog back this year when Maine was going to stop all RVers and trucks from parking in cities, that thousands upon thousands of people sent emails and contacted the peopled involved in Maine and they reversed their decision. So our voice is heard. Get out and fight for your rights!

(from Dale) You can see the actual text of the proposal here. Those who use the service should PAY for the service. In this case, I believe I am already paying for camping even though I may get a 50% discount due to my age. Where a camper younger than 62 may camps one night, I will camp two nights. The concessionaire still gets the same amount of income because I may stay twice as long as a younger camper. I don’t want additional concession profits coming from MY pocket. Remember, these are campgrounds without hookups. Water may be available at some distant faucet to carry back to your campsite, otherwise, this campground will usually have a table and fire ring, and  that’s it.  Click here for a copy of the Escapees News Release and email which will give instructions of how to comment on the proposal. Comments must be made before February 1, 2010.

Please send an email to these people, the president of the US and anyone you think needs to hear from you. Please be respectful and factual in your email. Less words and to the point will be heard.


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