Girlfriends ARE Important

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It seems that wherever I go, God is always faithful in giving me a special friend. I am not talking about the relationships that are just acquaintances but a relationship where there is mutual respect and acceptance. You know, the ones that don’t try to change you or judge you, they just love you the way you are. I have found that these kinds of relationships only belong to a handful of people I have crossed paths with. These people also have a deep seated belief that friends are forever rather than to throw off a person because of this or that!

Kathy is no exception. We met up at Howard Prairie. They came to camp and their camp spot was next to ours. I didn’t have much time to get to know Kathy at HP because of working and my hours. But we would run across each other in stores and chatted. When we left HP and needed to find an RV park, we found one in  Applegate, OR. Just what we needed. Then one day as we are out walking we run across Kathy and her husband Terry. We were surprised at seeing each other. They had given up RVing and moved into a home in the same park we had brought our 5th wheel to. Was this destiny! You bet. We became friends and walking buddies. They even got back into RVing, sold their home and took to the road. They worked a season at HP and Kathy and I worked together.

Now, we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like but we can keep in touch in the normal ways people do. They have come to spend two weeks with us and we are having so much fun together. Yesterday we all went to Parker and Kathy and I took off together to shop. Shopping with a girlfriend is a wonderful experience!

Girlfriends are important! They are the best.


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