Did You Say Water?

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Our plan is to stay in this present campsite for a couple of months. So how do we manage our water? We are asked this question many times and I will share with you what we tell others.

Water is precious out here in that we have to pay for it! Yep, they sell water. Arizona water is salty and not fit for drinking. We carry 9-one gallon jugs (old Arizona tea jugs). We fill these jugs with drinking water. In Arizona we go to a RO (reverse osmosis) vendors. They are all over town in Quartzite. We don’t make a special trip but take the empty jugs with us when we go to town. It costs us 25 cents a gallon for drinkable water.

There are several tips we have learned from others and by trial and error when it comes to conserving water. We have learned to take the cold water that runs in the shower before the hot water comes through the pipes and put it in a container. When the water is drinkable we use it in the kitchen and for brushing our teeth. When the water is undrinkable as this water is, we use it in the toilet. We have learned to turn the water off when taking a shower when we aren’t using it – like soaping down and shaving. We also take what we call ‘birdie baths.’ We use a cup full of water to brush our teeth so we don’t forget and not turn off the water in the bath sink thus wasting water down the drain.

On one of our shopping trips in Baker City we found a 25 gallon cooler that has a connection for a hose so we bought it and carry it in the back of the truck. When we fill it up to transport water to our rig, we put it up on the extra gas tank and strap it down for the trip back to the RV. In Arizona, we can get water at the country park, 2 miles away. All summer we have been close to a water source and this location is no different. The only snag is that the water isn’t free. It is 5 cents a gallon which comes out to be $1. Dale made 3 trips the other day. So we still need to be conservation conscience when using water.

Boondocking – just love it!!!