Happy Hour in the Desert

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One thing that isn’t ignored when boon docking in the desert is happy hour; social hour; or whatever one wants to call getting together. Our happy hour can start at 3 or 4 most days. It all depends on what everyone is doing. Some days we don’t have happy hour because the wind is blowing to hard for us to sit out in someone’s backyard!

However, most days we gather at each others rigs to relax and catch up with our day. We also talk “boon docking” and learn how everyone else boon docks. I learned to put dinner in my crock pot, put it in the sink wrapped with towels, plug it in and

turn on the solar as we travel down the road. Dinner cooks and will be ready when we arrive at our next camping spot. I learned about solar ovens and pots. The men talk “solar” and what uses the most amps and all that jargon.

We had a couple of rigs come in today so happy hour turned out to be 19 people. By 5:30 we are all ready to go in as the sun is setting and it gets chilly. Happy hour in the desert is a great event to the close of the day.


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