We Made It To Sunshine

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We have been in Arizona for a week. After leaving the family in Barstow, we tried to get to our destination before dark, but didn’t make it. That’s okay by me. I had all morning with my daughter and that was a sweet, sweet time. We enjoyed a home made breakfast – breakfast burritos to accomodate our “healthy diet!” So we left at noon and the sun goes down about 5 to 5:30.

We drove through Needles, CA into Arizona. I love this scene. As we crossed the bridge over the Colorado River, the Arizona sign welcomes people and the skyline is full of the Needle Mountains. It is quite beautiful. We didn’t even stop in Lake Havesu! Dale was on a mission!

Alas, his mission didn’t happen no matter how hard he drove. We stopped at La Pas County Park thinking we would get a good deal on a space. Not so. This park is huge. They have a building for the host to register people and a gold cart to park RV’s. A jeep convention was going on also. So it was pretty full. They put us out by the road, in powdery dirt and charged us $16. No hookups, no gravelled space. Just dirt and road noise. We were quite disappointed in their policies but they were very nice hosts. We ate dinner and I went to bed. Dale went over to see what the jeep people were doing. Beside the blaring rock ‘n roll music, they were running their jeeps over old cars. Whatever! Oh, and did I tell you the music was blaring loud? It was. With ear plugs I was able to sleep a good sleep. It was a hard day for both of us.

Now, I am not supposed to tell people where we are. It is a secret. I roll my eyes because this desert is so big. A couple of people don’t want anyone to know where we are so people won’t move in on us and turn our privacy into the scene at Quartzite. Being who we are, no one else would want to bring their rig in to where we are. There are 5 of  us parked on Broken Glass Lane, down in Solar Hallow. We are near a cute little town that has lots going on in it. We have already been to their founding days and bought a huge bag of books for $2. We attended their Monday breakfast and $1 taco nights.

Our new friends from Oregon, who bought a home here, arrived. They visited yesterday. It was good to see them.

However, it is wonderful walking out my door and not seeing a soul. Or to look up at the night sky and there is no light pollution to disrupt the awesomeness of the stars. The horizon shows us an awesome sunrise and sunset. Life is good!

Take a look at the video of our arriving. See it here.



2 thoughts on “We Made It To Sunshine

    Bob Stewart said:
    November 23, 2009 at 10:27 am


    Happy Birthday and may you have many more. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Ask Dale who he thinks will win the Oregon vs Oregon State game.

    Bob and Lynn

      Gwen said:
      November 23, 2009 at 6:01 pm

      Thanks Bob and Lynn…it was a great day! Thanks for reading. And we are hoping it is DUCKS all the way!!!

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