Ever Been To Lone Pine?

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It took us two nights to get to Barstow. We had told the kids we would be there Sunday and we miscalculated by a day. So we were able to take some time between family visits to chill out.

We stopped at this really cool visitor center in Lone Pine, CA. They had books and walls of history and the topical map of the area in the center of the room. We asked one of the gals there about dispersed camping and she knew immediately what we meant. She directed us to one of the most wonderful spots in the area. It was also BLM land.

There is one stop light in Lone Pine. So at the light, turn West. Go about 2 miles and you will enter the Alabama Hills. On Movie Road, turn right and go find a spot.

This area has been the site of about 10 movies, including Bonanza and Lone Ranger. We were parked around the corner from the spot where the Lone Ranger was filmed.

The area is incredible. We were right under Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada’s. It tops out at 14,000+ feet. It even has some glaciers on it. This area is full of these rocks that can develop holes and be totally carved out. There are many trails, roads and bike paths all around. The rocks also form many canyons. We were very surprised to find such a place so close to the town and yet feel like we were out in the wilderness.

If you get a chance, this is a great place to campout. We hope to get back here and explore the area more. We are sure there is much more to see!!


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