There’s Been Another Sighting!

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eviejorgeI belong to a forum on the Internet called Campground Crafters. The group is about 2 years old now with over 100 members. Those who have joined are mostly crafters who are RVing. We not only share our love for our specific craft, but we share RVing tips, recipes and where we are parked now! Those that participate have grown quite close and have made some good friends.

An exciting part of this group is meeting each other face to face. There have been several ‘meet and greets’ over the summer between members of Campground Crafters. And we were one of them.

Evie and Jorge have been working up at Stanley Lake in the Sierra-Nevadas. Since we were in Reno and heading to Arizona, we would be taking Hwy 395 and we would be going right by where Evie and Jorge had landed after their work season was completed. We couldn’t miss this opportunity!

We stopped in at Mammoth Lakes, California looking for the campsite where they were parked. We asked the ranger at the Visitor Center and he directed us to the only campground still open. The name was different from what Evie gave us, so we were anxious to find out if they were there. Yep! There sat Mr. Crafty. It was so exciting knowing that Evie and Jorge were inside and waiting for us.

I walked up to the door of their RV, knocked and waited for them to come out! Jorge was out the door first and we shook hands. Then came Evie and it was soooooo good to finally meet her. We chatted like old friends do.

We stayed the night at the campground and went out to dinner with Evie and Jorge. We decided on pizza and they took us to a great place. We found a booth to sit in with a high round back made for 4 people and we were so cozy. We chatted with each other and got to know more about each other. It was a great evening.

The next day we met up and took a tour of Mammoth Lakes. First on the agenda was coffee. We went to the ski village in the new part of Mammoth and found the “Side Door” espresso, latte and just plain good coffee. This shop was also a wine connoisseurs place. Dale wanted to get some of their decaf but they were out and roasting it that day.

Pandora Dome over looking Mary's Lake

We then jumped in the Dodge Ram and headed up the road to Mary’s Lake. The campground host told us where to go and what to look for. This is what we found. It was also chiller up here than down in Mammoth – which wasn’t all that warm to begin with.

Twin Lakes just above Mammoth

When we returned to the rigs, Dale went to hook up and I scooted over to Evie’s rig so check out her latest projects. I also got the priviledge to see one of Jorge’s quilt he had made. Fantastic.

As we waved goodbye, I thought of how the Internet brings people together in print but it is so much better meeting them face to face! We both can add one more couple to our “meet and greet” journal.


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