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familyThis past week I learned about “no-sew” blankets. Yep, you heard me right. Make a blanket without sewing. This facinated me. And since we have a new baby in the family this would be a great gift. So, as I was doing the weekly shopping I picked up a yard and a half each of fleece material – for the top and for the bottom. There were many patterns to choose from for children. In the end, I chose Winnie the Pooh. Every child needs to know about Winnie the Pooh, don’t you think? corner

So yesterday morning I got out the material. I opened up our dining room table to the farthest length it would go. Not big enough. Next biggest space is our bed. So we used the bed and it was perfect for this project.

If you are interested in making one of these blankets, there are many websites to gwenhelp you do so. First, I cut off the salvages. I didn’t measure the blanket but just used the material I had. Then I put the two pieces together – backs to backs, pinned them and got out the scissors. To begin, a square needs to be cut out of each corner. Whether you use a 4 x 4 square or other measure, this needs to be done first. The next step is to cut strips along the sides, top and bottom. These strips need to be 1 inch thick and as long as your square. In other words, our square was 4 x 4. Therefore, our strips were 4 inches long. After cutting the sides and a few strips on each corner, we begin tying. We had a big debate as to whether to tie both strips in one loop and knot or to tie them together. We decided on the first thought and it dle2looked pretty good! Yes, Dale helped. Thank you, honey!

I didn’t time us on this but I think the whole project didn’t take more than an hour if that. The blanket turned out so cute! And easy. I am thinking this would make great Christmas presents. You know, a throw for when you are watching  TV and want to snuggle in for the evening. It was also a lot of fun to make – especially with a friend.finished


2 thoughts on “A New Craft

    Cindy said:
    November 8, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Congratulations on the new grandaughter!! We have grandchildren and #9 is on the way in May.

    I love your beanie’s. I know nothing about knitting. I quess I might need to learn.

    Again congratulations. And keep up the walking!!! I’m looking forward to getting out of city limits and hiking!!

    Cindy of http://fulltiminglikeacfd.blogspot.com

      Gwen said:
      November 19, 2009 at 7:02 pm

      Hi Cindy…I just noticed your blog and went to read. I need more time to digest it all but wanted to encourage you that in God’s waiting room lots can happen but most important we can sit still, be calm and quiet and hear His voice. Sure will keep you in prayer.

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