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Well, something went wrong with my laptop. I downloaded an update on my anti-virus and then it wouldn’t connect with the network so I could get on-line. Don’t know what is wrong – whether the update or the network card. Laptop is still under warranty but who wants to wait for it to be sent and then sent back! I am patiently waiting for my son, David, to rest up from his trip to Chicago and getting ready for Jake’s playoff game tomorrow so he can come look in my laptop to see what is wrong. He has this nifty program called “Login” where he can come right into laptops and see what is going on from his house in Idaho. I am in Nevada.

Actually, we just moved today. Our time was up at Boca, so we hooked up and guess what? It was a beautiful day for solar. Yesterday was overcast and we didn’t get much. So we went to the Truckee Library for internet service in this very small room with 3 other people and two outlets. Oh, that was fun.

We have a nice spot, between two other RV’s and the freeway and train tracks are just south of us. It will take getting use to after being out of civilization for the last 3 weeks. ARGH….

I have been knitting for birthdays and will post some photo’s. Just not yet though.

Have a great weekend. We are going to.


2 thoughts on “Bummer

    Cindy said:
    November 1, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Im having trouble getting to Dales website….it says its down for maintenence …for the last couple of days…Im glad i had yours bookmarked:)

      Gwen said:
      November 4, 2009 at 7:52 am

      Hi Cindy….can you get onto Dale’s RVECAFE now? Hope so. I think the problem is solved. Our web server was doing some switching. Of course, they didn’t let us know! Happy Day to you.

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