The Wind Blew Today!

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stormWeather forecast calls for 30% chance of snow tonight and temps like about 19 degrees. However, Wednesday calls for “abundant sun.” So, we are staying put out here in Boca.

This morning, Morgan and I did our hour walk. It was 37.8 degrees out but warmed up pretty fast. Then about 1 p.m. the wind started blowing – very hard. It seems to have calmed down right for now. Sure hope so because I don’t want to do the rock ‘n roll 5th wheels like to do in high winds.

Dale finally got his movies uploaded. The train video took most of the day to upload. It kept timing out on him. To view click on the links.

Amtrak Train Ride:

Boca Springs:

tuffbeanzThis is the local coffee shop hang out! Free Wi-Fi! While stopping so Mindy could get a latte, Dale a pumpkin spice coffee and me a Chai Tea, Mindy bought Dale is Birthday Present – a pumpkin colored T-shirt with Tuff Beanz on it! He was happy.

We decided to stay home today. I finished a winter cap and started a beanie. All birthday presents for the grandkids. My fingers are feeling the many hours of knitting right now. Think I will go soak them! We are off to Reno tomorrow to visit Ben and Kim (still no baby yet) and do some shopping. I am going to a cool yarn store, so stand by for photo’s!


2 thoughts on “The Wind Blew Today!

    Lynn said:
    October 27, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Well I watched the video of your train experience, and unfortunately after 3.50 minutes it froze. Couldn’t see the last 5 minutes. AARRGGGGHHHH Wel from what I did see it was a beatuful scenic trip with a lovely commentary by you both. Man that spring water made me thirsty. You two are soooo blessed to have this opportunity, so enjoy it and one another.

      Gwen said:
      October 27, 2009 at 4:33 pm

      Ack…sorry about the video. After we had one it and it took so long to upload, Dale and I decided we should haved made it shorter. We are learning….

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