Hikes and Sushi Makes Life Fun

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mindyhikesawtoothmtnsMy daughter and I had a talk. She is walking two hours a day and losing weight. This sounds good to me. She explained to me that exercising before one eats will burn the stored fat on the body. So off Morgan and I went for an hour walk. It was a foggy day out but we were able to hit some sun half way up the mountain. Boy, did I feel that stored fat start to melt!!!! ūüôā

After walking we had a breakfast burritos with eggs, peppers and spinach. Yummy. When Mindy called she was ready for a hike. She took us to the Sawtooth Trail. Now Morgan and I was not sure about this since we already walked for an hour and about 2 or 3 miles. We went anyway. We stopped at the viewpoint overlooking the Truckee River and the Granite Campground. We had considered moving here after Martis Dam

trukee river

Campground but this campground is right on HWY 89 to Tahoe City.¬†Not good. Back at the truck, Morgan and I collapsed!¬† However, Mindy wasn’t done yet. She took us to Bass, a store in the outlet malls. Did we have fun. Who wouldn’t! First everything in the store was 50% off. Then they took another 10% off. At checkout they took another 30% off. Dale purchased a pair of pants and I chose a pull-over shirt and a summer tank. The summer tank was $1.39 after discounts. Can’t beat that. I promptly came home (after dinner) and threw out two old tops!



And that brings me to dinner. Mindy wanted to go to the Drunken Monkey. They serve sushi. I was on the NO side of the fence but did not throw out any objections. I am so glad I didn’t. The food was delicious. Absolutely delicious.

When we entered the restaurant we saw a small dining room. Each table had place setting for¬†2 or 4. On each table was a black folded¬†cloth napkin, a small square bowl and a small square plate – all black. Resting on top of the plate were wooden chopsticks. We noticed that our table was a slab of some kind of wood and the waitress said it was cottonwood. It was beautiful.¬†We begin our dinner with drinks. Mindy ordered some fruity drink and I zeroed in¬†on the Mojito drink with strawberries. We sushididn’t know what kind of alcohol was put in the drinks but it was good. Dale and I share the¬†Mojito.

We had a hard time deciding how to use the menu so we had lots of questions for the waitress. She was patient with us and shared what she liked on the menu. We wanted to make sure we ordered enough food for the three of us.  We had four dishes of sushi Рsome raw fish and some cooked. Dale ordered a side of salmon that was out of this world. To go along with it all we ordered a side of veggies and soba noodles with tofu. Oh my gosh! Fantastic. We did have enough to eat and we sat back satisfied and a bit in awe of how good the food was. The waitress brought us a dessert menu and we kindly declined. Then Mindy got a look at it and decided we just had to have the Pumpkin Ginger Cake. We decided to share it three ways and was our taste buds surprised. It was excellent. The cream cheese frosting add another dimension to the pumpkin spice. Yummy. I recommend this restaurant highly! They made my first experience of eating sushi and tofu a delight.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!


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