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amtrakSince our Amtrak ride was a bust – the schedule was way off and didn’t leave anytime for us to switch trains in Colfax and head back to Truckee – we took off for Reno and a fun day together!

Mindy needed a costume for Halloween so we stopped of at a store called “Spirits.” They had all kinds of stuff for kids and adults. She chose a pirate’s costume! Next stop was lunch at Chevy’s, one of our favorite eatery. Dale and I share a plate full of meat to make fajtias. It was sooooo good. There was marinated shrimp, shredded pork, steak and succulent slices of chicken. Add peppers and onions and rice and beans and wow – a great lunch.

Our next stop was the World Market. Sort of like a Pier 1 but not as fragrant. I did find a couple of gifts for the grandkids birthdays. I also found the string of chickens I have wanted to get for decoration in our trailer. chickens

We then went to Amtrak to get our tickets moved to this coming Wednesday. We shall try it amtakdaleagain.

Today we move to another camping place because this campground is closing. It is pouring down rain. I sure hope the new place isn’t muddy by now. Have a nice Monday!









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