We Visit Mindy On The Job

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heavenlySaturday we took off for Tahoe. Dale had lived here in his other life for about 13 years. He had a successful business, home and outdoor activities. He had a good time going back to see his old house, place of business and the many places he frequented through the years.

We also visited Mindy in the pet shop where she works. Morgan thought she was in Doggie Disneyland with all the toys and treats sitting on the floor for the playing with. We were able to use Mindy’s discount and purchased toys, balls, dog food scrapsand teeth cleaner. It was fun shopping for our dog! On one of our visits back to the shop I was talking with a woman about changing the food our dogs eat. We decided to change Morgans food to the Taste Of Wild – no gains. After the woman left, Mindy told me that was Mrs. Leonard Nimoy. I was talking to Mrs. Nimoy. Dale wanted to know where Leonard was! He was in the coffee shop. Mrs. Nimoy didn’t by any food but did buy a $40 dog collar with stones! Mindy has helped Barry Manlow, Mini Driver and many other “clebs” in the small pet store she works at.

We had lunch on the lawn facing Lake Tahoe. The day was sunny but a little on the chilly side. In the distance we could see Heavenly Ski Resort across the tahoecitylake. The lake wasn’t a pretty blue because of clouds. It was also down somewhat as the shoreline extended way out.

Fall colors are about. Most of the quaking Aspen have changes as the wild bushes on the mountains. It is beautiful. seasonsThe fall colors also made up for the road construction going on around the lake.

After arriving back at the RV, we fixed a pizza. I like buying the cheese pizza at Winco and then adding my own toppings. I had bought some shrimp marinated in cilantro, garlic and lime at Costco. Ummmm. It was a very good day!


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