Martis Creek Dam

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dammartislakeMindy, Dale’s daughter found us a great place to camp while we are here in Truckee visiting her. Martis Creek Campground is a COE campground by the dam. The dam, which we found out talking to a local, is in the top 10 list of dams that will fail. Don’t know if this is true but looking at it now there isn’t a chance of it breaking. There is only a small lake behind it, Martis Lake in which the creek runs into.

Mindy, Dale, me, Morgan and Gunner took a walk up by the dam. We had to let the dogs run and get some exercise ourselves. The Aspen Trees are turning color and they stand out against the darker pine trees. Snow now caps off the mountain tops and it is my understanding that more snow will come to the mountains that are up to about 8000 feet high. There are many ski resorts in this area. Squaw Valley is right up the road on 89 from Truckee. We are looking at Northstar from our campsite and many up at Tahoe.

We visited Northstar yesterday. None of the shops were open but it was fun to see what was up there. Condo’s sat around the square that Mindy told us go for a million dollars. Quite a sophisticated place. They have an ice rink in the center of one of the walkways in the shopping mall.swing

We are enjoying our stay here. Lots of shopping for Dale! We spent an hour in Ace Hardware yesterday. I purchased a couple of placemats for the dining room table and Dale purchased a pump he runs off his drill to pump water from our ice chest to the trailer. There were a lot of dog toys and leashes, but we wouldn’t pay the prices they were asking. Truckee seems to be one big tourist town so prices are, in our opinion, out of sight.

damdogsThe rain has stopped along with the wind but the clouds linger. We didn’t fill up on solar today. Rats, CSI is on tonight. Oh, well, I love to knit so will start a cap to see if I can do it. Dale is reading “Last of the Mohicans” and has his nose in that in the evenings. We shouldn’t have sold our generator! Right Dick! We are doing just fine though. It’s a challenge but we can manage. I guess all those tent camping trips have paid off in our later years. We still are loving this lifestyle and thank God for retirement. I recommend it highly.


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