Down Memory Lane

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Today is our last day in Lodi. Yahoo! I am ready for these wheels to be rolling. We are off to Truckee tomorrow to visit Dale’s daughter. I am so glad to be out of here but in the same time not so much. Truckee is cold. There is snow in Truckee. Not looking forward to weeks of cold or snow.

We purchased a DVD/VCR player for Dale’s folks as their old one bit the dust. Dale tried to hook it up tonight but needed parts. Short of a long story – we took the player back to Target. His mom didn’t want to learn a new remote and she didn’t care about the DVD part. Dale put it all back in the box and we took it back to Target. We were looking at just a DVD player to get them when Dale needed to take care of other business. So I wander through the sports section which led to the toy section and all these little kids with their parents.

As I walked I would here “Now, we aren’t touching anything, remember.” Or, “Look Dad, theres Sponge Bob.” Oh, I remember those days with clarity when my kids loved to be in the toy department. I watched on little girl poking all the buttons she could on a toy while mom’s back was turned looking at something else. Just the sweet little voices filled with excitement while finding adventure with the toys.

We ended up at Wal-Mart getting a DVD player and Dale went to Radio Shack to get the necessary parts. So one DVD player has been installed.

We spent the week fixing on the folks house and cleaning the RV. There is always something to fix here and always cleaning to do. I am pooped and looking forward to a slow, relaxing days this coming week.

Tuesday night, instead of watching NCIS, we went to a concert as guests of the folks. This was on


e of those community concerts where all you see are grey heads! We enjoy them though. We were entertained by a father/daughter act. Father on the piano and daughter on the violin. Both knew their instruments very well. It was a good night.


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