On the Move Again

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alseabay1We have enjoyed our stay in Waldport, but it is time to get on the road again. Yesterday we woke up to rain and angry gray clouds. It was nice though. I did get the laundry done. What a great laundry room. Front load washers, which means less money to dry.

Dale and I did get in a walk around the town. We missed a few events in town because of the rain but it was great getting out in the sunshine. Waldport is a main street kind of town that sits on Alsea Bay. It has been fun watching the tide come in and go out and the many birds that live here.

I am also looking out on a family who are in tents and they are having donuts and coffee for breakfast, huddled around a fire! Dale is thinking maybe we need to stop at his sisters to pick up our tent so we can go camping. I laugh.

We are off to Southern Oregon. Dentist appointment, dinner with good friends and Win-Co! We need to shop for the Escapee chapter rally at the end of the month. waldportbridgeSo, have a wonderful Lord’s day! He has risen and is coming again. Yahoo!


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