Boise, ID

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We left Stanley, ID on Monday around 11. We are learning to take our time instead of the rush, rush, rush to get somewhere. The drive to Sun Valley and Ketchum was very interesting. It was like driving in the mountains of Oregon. We were through Sun Valley and didn’t even know it! We saw the ski resort and a lot of really big house in communities. But that was it. Then we pulled into Ketchum. All Dale saw was the SALE signs hanging from the outdoor shops! We had to find a parking place and check them out! The traffic was horrible as one would expect for Labor Day.

We didn’t find anything we absolutely had to have in any of the shops. We really couldn’t afford their sales. I believe their prices are geared for those who have those huge homes in Sun Valley.

We arrived in Boise around 5 p.m. We didn’t stop for lunch a long the way. We did stop for diesel at a Pilot and paid $2.75 per gallon. We grabbed some drinks there, so we were really hungry by the time we reached Boise. We dropped the trailer at Wilson’s, a very small parking lot and even smaller building. We headed off to find a place to eat. We ended up on Overland St. at Rockies. One of those quaint restaurants still back in the 60’s – all black and white decor, lots of old 60’s posters of “stars” back then, rock and roll music and waitress on roller skates. Their food was good, the service great and the prices back in the 60’s. They even had a DJ sitting in a booth shouting out the special for the night!

Tuesday morning we had to get up very early as our appointment was for 7:30. It didn’t really matter because we didn’t get much sleep anyway sitting on a 4 lane highway that is an exit off I-84. While they were working on the rig we went off to breakfast and searching for a laundry. We found three laundry’s. In one the machines were so old I wouldn’t trust them with my clothes. The seconded laundry was so dirty it wouldn’t have mattered if I washed the clothes or not. Whatever happened to the gal who keeps things clean? The thrid laundry had okay machines but the floor. Oh that was another matter. But we threw the clothes in and got them going and headed around the corner to Hastings – a book store/coffee shop.

When we got back to the laundry there was a guy there with a lot of Boise State Bronco’s tee shirts. So Dale got to talking to him about the Bronco/Duck game. They take their football seriously in this town!

We finally got the rig back about noon and it is so much higher now. No more dragging the tail-end on the rocks and ground. Dale needs to make a step up to the steps though. My short legs need the extra boost.  We got to the RV park okay and settled in. I was even able to sit in the shade and read for a couple of hours before we were off to watch Jake, my youngest grandchild, practice his football. He has a game on Saturday that we are so excited about attending. Photo’s then. After practice went to dinner at Soup and Salad and had a good family time together. My second grandchild, Mellie, is 14 and has a date for the homecoming. I found out that no cars are involved in this date and no going to dinner first. She is going to homecoming with a junior (she is a freshman) and the school is across the street from her house. So she is walking to the dance and walking home. David, my son, said that if he hadn’t known the boy for years she wouldn’t be going because she is too young to date. She and her mom had gone dress shopping after her volleyball game. They were successful and got a nice dress.

Today, Dale is going to look at the wiring in David’s house and see if he can put in a dedicated line to all David’s computers. He works at home and needs something better than what he has. I think I will stay at the RV and get some stuff done that needs my attention. First, I have to finish the book I am reading, then work on a bible study that started yesterday, and then finish our SKP newsletter, email it out and mail the hard copies. On another note,  just to share, I had the longest and hottest shower last night. I didn’t have to turn the water off once. I can take living out in the boonies but need to get into a park once in a while to just enjoy hot showers and electricity. Ahhhhhh……

These sheep came up out of the bushes as we were driving 45 miles an hour. Following was a shepherd and his dog. Another car flashed his lights at us or we would have had mutton for dinner. I wasn't quick enough with the camera so you get their butts.
Sunset over the Sawtooth Mountains


Dale (in brown) almost had a panic attack when he saw the SALE signs in Ketchum.

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