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wittyyarnSorry, had to stop on the blog because Kathy and I were going yarn shopping. Bigfork has a wonderful little shop with a great selection of yarn and good prices. We didn’t buy anything because we had another shop to check out. I had already been to the Camas Creek Yarn Shop when Dale and I walked the old town of Kalispell. But Kathy hadn’t been camascreekyarnthere yet. We were in luck! A great sale was going on at Camas. This is a pretty big yarn shop so we had a lot of different kinds of yarns to choose from. I picked out a dark green wool for a purse I am going to knit. I also got some lace yarn for a prayer shawl that was 70% off! $2.10 a skein is a steal! We also snagged a free dish clothe pattern. They had this dish clothe made out of hemp but wow, way too much for what little yarn they gave out. It was pretty nice though.

So back to our day at Glacier. Once we got situated at Logan Pass, we first took the path across the road. This is where we saw the rams – all three of them.ram1 So far this path was on level ground and in the foliage. However, the foliage thinned out and we were heading to the face of the mountain overlooking the road. We met many, many people on this trail. They say that 2 million folks come here every year and by the attitude of the wildlife, we think they are so use to seeing people they ignore them!

We found ourselves on the edge of the mountain looking down on the road and into the most beautiful glacier made gorge. This one was right up there with the gorges in the Steen Mountains. Except this gorge had a waterfall.










        See the road? is Dale hugging the mountain!
             Look at the mountain. That’s a glacier.gorge2

hikeNext hike was behind the visitor’s center. This was a 1.5 mile hike to Hidden Lake. We would bmehiddene going up in elevation by 490 feet. There were a lot of people on this hike too. We also heard many languages as we hiked. It is great that those living out of our country come here not only to see our wonderful land but to spend their money here too!

As we progressed on our hike we say so many wildflowers, streams and waterfalls. Sad though because these waterfalls come from the glacier on the mountain you see above. The glaciers are melting because of global warming. Most of the trail was this wooden boardwalk which made walking easier. As we were walking up this Mountain Goat came walking alongside the path. He/She then crossed the stream and moved off to his/her right, crossed the boardwalk between people and went down the other side of the mountain. I was so astonished to actually see a Mountain Goat up close and personal. Usually we need binoculars to see a white dot on the mountain side. Golly, rams and goats all within a space of an hour! How fortunate we were.


Along the trail we came upon another goat. This one was younger and it was licking the side of a rock like there was no tomorrow. We were told there was another goat up the trail. So we headed that way. This goat was scratching in the dirt and licking at the dirt like there was no tomorrow. We had to conclude they knew what they were doing. These two goats were also right next to the trail. People all around them and they continued doing what they do. We won’t be forgetting this experience any time soon. goat1

hiddenlakeWe finally made it to Hidden Lake and what a sight. Absolutely beautiful.

We ended our day having dinner at the restaurant in West Glacier. We got home around 8, bushed but satisfied with our day. We are planning on coming back here one day because there is so much to see and do. Maybe even bring our fifth wheel up here to park so we can do it all. We especially want to go to Waterton in Canada.


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