Friends Make Us Smile

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swanlakeI’m putting this out early because we are travelling tomorrow. I wanted to show you a little of Swan Lake Campground. Swan Lake is a town and it is built around Swan Lake – a real lake with water. It is a huge lake. People fish, boat, swim and do all those things people do in water.

rangerrickKathy use to come here as a child and wanted to show her hubby the place where she had some good times in the 60’s. The campground had been moved across the street but the cabin they stayed in still remains. Terry and Kathy were camping here and then they found themselves with a job. They man the booth across the street from the campground that collects fees for the day use area and boat ramp, plus clean bathrooms and pick up garbage. They are counting the days, though, (9 to go) before they can get their wheels rolling again.

We have enjoyed our stay here – very much. It is a clean campground with big spaces. Only drawback is they charge $15.00 a day for camping. Since we have the Golden Pass for old people we only pay half of that. Still, we would not have stayed here even for $7.50 a day. swanlakespot


We had potlucks together, played Aggravation where the Prohaska’s ruled, and took many walks together. I think we miss that the most when we are not together.

Thank you, Restroom Connoisseurs (expert; especially : one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and is competent to act as a critical judge).

Thanks for the visit. We love you.


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