Unimaginable Beauty

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When I first saw Glacier National Park I was reminded of the many scriptures in God’s Word about the mountains singing. Wow! Could these mountains sing and tell a story!

We got up fairly early to head off to Glacicer National Park in Montana. We are about 54 miles from West Glacier Park. We have one of those old age passes Dale purchased for $10 when he turned 62. It has paid for itself and will continue to do so through the years. We got in free at the park which charges $25 for a 7 day pass. The only pass you can get even if you are there for a day.

We were now on the Going-to-the Sun Road. This road is about 50 miles long, travelling from West Glacier to East Glacier entrance and St. Marys. We knew we couldn’t do everything in one day, so we planned on going only as far as Logan Pass. We wanted to do a hike there and knew we wouldn’t have the time to continue down the road. mcdonald

Our first stop was Apgar Village. This is the entrance to Lake McDonald. There are gift shops here, restaurants, lodging, camping and a boat ramp. This was our first view of the Rockies. I heard someone say that Lake McDonald was the deepest lake in Montana. The scene before us was breathtaking.







As we went down the road there were many places to stop along the way. One was at a turn out close to the end of Lake McDonald. mcdonaldcreekCan you believe the rocks at the right were under water? That is how clear the lake was. rocks

The Sun Road was narrow, hanging off the cliff of the mountain. It was also a beautiful drive. We saw glaciers, waterfalls, spring flowers everywhere, weeping walls of rock covered in flowers and springs oozing out of them. We saw gorges carved by glaciers way back when. The scenery was fantastic. I will post all photo’s of Glacier National Park on Facebook. But here are a few.











loganpassWe stopped when we got to Logan Pass. There is a big building for restrooms and the visitor center. They have a great display of the animals one would see when visiting this area. There is a gift shop too. We had to circle the parking lot once before we found a place to park. We were waiting for this car to leave and when it pulled forward we went to park. Well, another car zipped up and was going to take it and Dale put a stop to that! The guy was nice and moved on. Our first hike was across the road from the visitor’s center. We started off with this photo.

ram3Coming around a bend in the trail this greeted us! We were shocked and delighted at the same time. Three rams just eating. They didn’t bolt. We were in their habitat. One Ram didn’t move at all. We thought maybe he was a stuffed Ram just to give us taste of what is in the wild!


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