Friends – The Glue to Great Friendships

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penanmeTime with Penny and Morrie was bravura. We had some good chats and lots of laughs. We didn’t go into the past a great deal, but built new memories instead. Dale and I were in awe of their log house, high up overlooking Pend Orreille Lake. The view was awesome. The first day of visiting we sat out on the deck overlooking the lake. From there we watched the critters (birds, deer, squirrels and raccoons) come to eat in Pen’s front yard. She feeds them all.  And she fed us a scrumptious dinner. We dined on BBQ steak, salad and bread. Yummy. For dessert Pen made an apple pie. It too was lip-smacking good – especially topped with ice cream. We enjoyed being together and sharing a meal.

The second day Pen and Morrie took us to lunch on the shore of the lake. We all had fish and chips except Dale who had a chicken philly sandwich. We ate till we wanted to cry out NO MORE, it was so good! Then we drove around the Naval Training Area. We then went to Farragut State Park where they trained men who joined the navy back in the 40’s. They have a great museum at the Brig. We watched a film on the making of the Naval Training Base which told us about those times after Japan boomed Pearl Harbor.

We then went to the visitor’s center to find Dale’s dad’s picture as he trained there in 1943. We did find it. Penny’s dad was there also but she couldn’t find his


name to find out what company and what year he was there. We found the area where Dale SR. stayed during his 6 weeks there,  but there aren’t any buildings left standing. It is a huge state park for camping and fishing. We went on back to Pen’s house and she cut my hair. I finished up our laundry and we fixed French dip sandwiches for dinner. We said  our goodbye’s and Dale and I went back to our rig which was sitting in an RV park!  What a satisfying visit with a very good friend. I am so happy for her in her new digs and new life. 

Dale and I left Bayview for Sandpoint. The scenery was interesting and the road was flat! It was an enjoyable ride. All the tires stayed full of air, thank you Lord! The truck  ran great – HA, Dick! We had lunch in Sandpoint and on our way out of town Dale said “Look for a feed store.” Two seconds after the words left his mouth a feed store showed up on our right. “Your wish is my command, sweetie!”

We purchased dog food for Morgan and gulped at the price. This was a spendy store. I found a humsandpointmingbird feeder, half off. The best find of the day. As we were almost checked out I showed Dale that he was standing in an ACE Hardware store – but too late for him!!! We then went on to Bonners Ferry and Hwy 2 into Montana. Not much after crossing the state line is the lowest point in Montana is there at 1800 feet. I guess we will be doing some climbing. We found a National Forest campground by the Yaak River which  runs into the Kootenai River. Our space is close to Hwy 2 so we hear traffic noise and low and behold there are train tracks


 across the river. So far we are hearing trains every half hour to 45 minutes – whistle and all. We don’t understand this because we are out in the middle of nowhere! Go figure! Trains way out here! yaak

It has cooled down somewhat and that is nice. Dale had a hard time getting the internet set up. So I guess we will be here another day. Only $5 a night for us seniors.


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