Time to Move On

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It was time to get the wheels rolling again. SKP Chapter 37 had a hearty breakfast at the Cheyenne Cafe in Joseph. Excellent food and cheynnecafevery large portions. Dale and I shared a Western Omelet with hashbrowns and toast and Dale couldn’t finish his portion. We said our goodbyes ’til September and everyone headed off in different directions except for the Champions and us. We were heading the same way so we caravaned up the road to Moscow, ID. together. 

 Here are some photo’s of Joseph’s Canyon we came upon as we travelled down the road out of Enterprise. It was awesome. One sign told us that this was the wintering home of the Nez Perce. Chief Joseph had dug up camas root and store it in a cave for the winter. The troops found the cave and burned all the camas root.josephcanyon Amazing to us what lengths the white man went to against the Indian people. Men, women and children.  It is said we destroy what we don’t understand.




hwy8We are on HWY 3 out of Enterprise. We were told about this road going into Lewiston, ID that was like a snake going across the desert. They were only wrong about one thing. The road doesn’t go into Lewiston but when we hit the Rattlesnake Pass we knew they were right about how steep and how windy the road is. As you can see the scenery was beautiful. We saw the Grande Ronde which flows into the Snake River which flows into the Columbia River. As we came into Lewiston the Snake River dominated the whole scene. Out of Lewiston we saw miles and miles, acres and acres of wheat fields. It was incredible because most of these fields were on small hills, up and down. The farmers used every square inch they could. We arrived in Moscow and stayed at a little park off Robertson Park Road. There were on 5 spaces and all were taken, so we pulled off in the overflow area and parked for $2.50. The next morning we stopped in Plummer and bid the Champions farewell. We headed up to Bayview, ID to visit my long time friend, Penny. We did stop in Coeur d’ Alene, ID to get diesel. We failed to see the CASH sign and had to pay 4 cents extra a gallon for the diesel.

Sights along the way.oldhouse

An old house in a town in Washington.barnOne of many barns.   


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