Kickin’ Round Joseph, OR

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maryellenSome of our SKP Chapter 37 members haven’t been to this side of Oregon before. Therefore, Dale and I were elected tour guides for the day. Since we had all been to the shops on the main street ofchief Joseph, we decided to tour Wallowa Lake, Wallowa State Park and the road that goes up to dead end at the wilderness.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Me, Dick M., Doris, Mary Ellen and Dick C.

Our first interesting stop was at the memorial to Chief Joseph. It was a somber moment knowing these proud people were chased off their home land to a reservation because the white man found gold here. This is a beautiful tribute to the Nez Perce.   On the agenda for our next stop was the Wallowa County Park. Here you can look clear across Wallowa Lake and see the majestic mountains surrounding the lake. It does seem that Mary Ellen has a captive audience and a great story!

We spent some time here. Morgan got in a good swim and was very happy to be in a lake rather than a creek. Ok, we won’t go there with the Creek, Crick, stream thing! She did come out wet and smiling.

We drove over to the Oregon State Park and noticed some empty spaces. It didn’t seem like there was much going on in the lake either with boats and water fun. We then went up to the place where you can rent horses. This brings back memories for Dale and myself as we took an all day ride up to Ice Lakehorses. It was  a beautiful. ride. Just don’t listen to Dale when he tells the story. Oh my gosh! Drama King! In the  background of this photo the tram is running. We also enjoyed this ride up the mountain back when we first came here.                                                                              

          Mary Ellen and me goof around with this strange 
looking cow poke!                                                      goofin


Dick C., Me, Dale, Mary Ellen, Dick M. and Doris taking the picture. 
    Who says old people can’t have fun!     

The group saw a sign “Mountain Berry Shakes.” So they just had to have one. Dale opted out and had his usual Mocha Coffee Shake and I was still too full from breakfast of blueberry pancakes and the fritatta I made. Dick also BBQ’dparkedinjosephspam, yup, spam – and it was good! After looking at the Wallowa Lodge, we went back to Joseph for – guess what? – so Dale could go to the Joseph Hardware store. We first went into the bronze gallery and checked out the beautiful creations. Mary Ellen even took a photo – oh naughty girl, but it was of a cat and she couldn’t resist. We then toured that end of the street while the gals went to the Quilt shop. We returned to our campsite in time to get ready for potluck supper. potluckThere was a couple camped just above us so they were invited to potluck. It was nice meeting Ray and Carol. After potluck we sat around and chatted while the men BS’ed! This was our last potluck for this Rollin’ Rally, so we toughed it out until we were so chilled to the bone we had to go home. The group is off today to tour Hells Canyon. Dale and I decided we had seen enough of that place. We are home. I made blueberry scones for breakfast and we are just enjoying our solitude. Later in the day we will go to Enterprise so Dale can get his eyes checked and i will do some laundry. WhoooHoooo!                                                                                                                                 

But we must’nt forget this one last photo taken at potluck.   Dick is pointing out
to Dale how not to eat as Dale cleans up his shirt and chair when he missed his mouth!

All in fun, All in fun!  



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