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We took our time Saturday saying goodbye to Baker City. We parked uptown and walked Main Street. Quilt stores and yarn stores on the agenda. After the Montague’s and Champions went on a tour of the Alder House, Dale and I took our used books to the used bookstore. Wow! She had every nook stuffed with books. We did find some books and left happy. We didn’t, however, find the one book we are wanting – “The Plains Across” recommended by Ezra Meeks (not Meeker as I previously reported!).

Dick C. led us up the road and on to I-84 toward La Grande. We stopped in Island City at the local Wal-Mart to stock up on grocerieswalmart and I happened to find a “How To” book on crochet. I want to give it a try! Kathy tried to show me how a few years back but I gave up frustrated. So will give it another go.

We passed through towns like Elgin, Imbler, Minam, Enterprise and Wallowa. The fields of alfalfa, mint and wheat made a great contrast as we drove. Of course, coming through Wallowa we spotted the front side of the Eagle Cap Wilderness and it does take your breath away. The mountains are so majestic.

The scenery from La Grande to Joseph is spectacular. We followed the Grande Ronde River for a spell and then we were following the Wallowa River. Right now we sit on another body of water, a creek or a stream, or maybe a river – which became a big discussion this morning over breakfast of pancakes. What is the difference between a wallbrook, a creek, a stream and a river? Do you know? Leave your thoughts below in the comments box! We looked all these words up in the dictionary but we are just as lost as when we began!

Speaking of cold, it was downright freezing last night. We ate dinner out at the Embers Brewhouse and had to sit outside. Dale and I had eaten here on our last visit to Joseph this month, or was it in July! I had the fish tacos again and most of the group had the shrimp and fries. Doris, in the photo, ordered a Rueben. She was surprised when they brought out this huge sandwich. We all watched as she tried to take the first bite. I did get a Kodak moment, but won’t embarrass her on thepubjoseph Internet!

Today (Sunday) has been a laid back day. The other folks ran to town and I stayed home to clean house. Dale went to town on-his-own and that is always scary. He did come back with this “Ready-set Joe” contraption to make coffee. Dick C. has one and Dale made himself a cup of coffee this morning with it. So now he has another new toy to play with. Maybe we can get rid of the big coffee maker that takes up so much room. We are expecting the other two rigs to pull in later today. They spent an extra day in Baker City doing domestic chores.

I can tell you we all have had some great laughs. What a great group of people. We have walkie talkies to use in the rigs as we travel and the harassing and jokes going on- oh my, keeps us in stitches. This has been a wonderful trip and if you aren’t an Escapee you dorissandneed to get on the ball and join! These people know how to have fun with a capital F!


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