Wagons HO!

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Today we were once again reminded of Oregon’s rich history in the late 1800’s at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. If you haven’t been to this place outside of Baker City, Oregon, you must put it on your list of things to do. This was Dale and my first visit here and we were in awe, not only of the information they have gathered but the enormity how they tell the story of those who crossed America to come to the land of freedom. It also help to have a historian in our group who filled us in on what this tool was used for oregon-trailand how they did this and where they went on the trail. Yes, these are real, stuffed animals! Those on the trail would travel for about 15 miles each day and pretty much walked the thousand plus miles it took to get to Oregon. The life on the trail was hard, difficult, thrawt with accidents, death, disease, aruguments and so much more.

I had to chuckle at how a wagon was loaded and what it was loaded with. Reminded me of how we pack our RV’s weight wise and sense wise.

We also learned that many people who did come out on the Oregon Trail did so to leave the political, financial and diseased East. Cholera was a growing concern back then and it did kill upwards of 30,000 people back East.

Ezra-MeekerWe heard from Ezra Meeks, a then young fellow back on the Oregon Trail – 18 years old. He had taken the Oregon trail by wagon, the first time; then he took a car back on the trail and finally an airplane over the trail. He set up many monuments across the trail so people would remember the gallantry and courage it took to make this trip back then.

After our tour, which took about 3 hours, we went to the local In and Out Drive-In for lunch. This is not a part of the chain of drive ins that are all over now, but a local one that was around way before the new  In and Outs. It was very quaint but the food was good.

Then home to rest up. I had to make a schedule for Joseph, our next stop on this rolling rally and get stuff ready for a pot luck. Since it was so cold out we were invited into Dick and Doris’ rig. They fit 10 of us in there very comfortably.


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